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Gazette Online tops Google for Phuket

September 17, 2009

PHUKET: As the result of a recent fine tuning in the way Google ranks the “importance” (popularity) of websites around the world, the Gazette Online is now tie for Number One with Phuket.Com for sites in or about Phuket.

With a Google ranking of ‘6’, the two sites share the highest rating Google confers for Phuket, and they are the only sites to have achieved that rating.

“News has always been the mainstay of our Website,” notes the Gazette‘s managing editor Nick Davies. “It’s the premier site for news about Phuket, where Google continues to serve it up as Number One in response to searches for both ‘Phuket News’ and ‘Phuket newspaper’.”

According to Anna Susangrat, general manager for digital products at the Gazette, the company’s website owes its position in Google not only to news but also to the variety of its other content.

“We cannot know exactly what Google looks for in assigning its ratings,” she says. “But we believe variety is critical. What’s given our site its Google power can’t be just news alone. Google also puts us on top for ‘Phuket Events’ and ‘Phuket Classifieds’, and as Number One for ‘Phuket Television’ and a number of other key search terms.”

To celebrate its rise in the Kingdom of Google, and to share the benefits, the Gazette Online is now offering a 50% discount on links from its pages to any of the roughly 4,500 Phuket businesses listed on the site. With that offer, which expires one month from today, the cost of the link is an “astounding” 150 baht a month, the company says.

Businesses wishing to list, or to update current listings, may do so here

For daily visitor statistics to the Gazette Online, including countries of origin, click here

There are eight Websites with Google’s second highest ranking (‘5’) for Phuket: These are: Wikipedia Phuket, Agoda Phuket, Phuket-maps.Com, TourismThailand.Org, Phuket-Guide.Net, PhuketTourism.Org, PhuketHospital.Com, and LagunaPhuket.Com.

These major sites are followed by roughly 1,000 other listings in Google’s search results under the critical key word ‘Phuket’.                                                           


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