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Tourist awards

January 18, 2010
Entries are now being accepted for the finest tourist operator organisations for the 8th Thailand Tourism Awards 2010. The Thailand Tourism Awards 2010, also known in Thai as the
“Kinnnaree Award” will be split into five categories including tourism sources, tourist accommodations, tour operators, tourism supported organizations, and tourist health services.

There will also be different categories for the private and government sectors.
Noppadon Pakprot the director of The Division of Tourism Promotion Services said, “We are proud to praise the organisations who win the awards and urge others who are not successful to improve their product.”

The Kinnaree awards is named after a mythical half woman half swan creature steeped in Thai tradition. The Kinnaree is renowned for her excellence in singing, dancing and her graceful form is often seen in sculpture, traditional architectures, and temple murals.

Winners of the awards will receive support and promotional benefits from the TAT for one year. Entries and votes will be accepted up until 15 January, 2010. The awards will be announced on Tourism World Day, 27 September, 2010.

For more information please contact The Division of Tourism Promotion Services of TAT at 02-250 5000 ext 4495-4498 or email

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