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Manhattans Restaurant & Bar

August 12, 2010

Located in the coastal resort of Pattaya, Manhattans Restaurant is famous for serving the best steaks in town. Angus & Wagyu beef, flame-grilled to perfection. If you like great steak, you’ll love Manhattans Restaurant.

The restaurant offers not only the best steaks but also superb fresh succulent seafood. It is well known that the seafood in Pattaya is among the best available anywhere. Manhattans is considered one of the best restaurants in Pattaya for Thai food, served from mild to spicy according to your preference.

The Cocktail Lounge

On arrival at Manhattans you are shown into the sumptuously decorated cocktail lounge while your car is valet parked or maybe you took advantage of our free limosine service. On entering the lounge, you will be taken by the warm ambient lighting and decor that include beautiful African violet swivel chairs where you and your guests can take a seat for pre-dinner drinks. While our resident musicains are playing sultry jazz music, the two large marine aquariums with an amazing variety of tropical fish fascinate all our guests. The cocktail lounge is a popular location for travellers on business or pleasure and local residents.

The Restaurant

Through two large glass doors beautifully etched, you and your guests will enter the dining room. An impressive atmosphere of floor to ceiling Manhattan skyline etched onto the windows on one side with a cool New York backdrop on the other side, the ambience is smooth, luxurious and upmarket. Twenty three tables are beautifully decorated with heavy linen napery, specially crafted cutlery and the finest imported glassware but you will be amazed at the modern highback hand-made leather dining chairs that you and your guest will spend the evening in.

Since arriving in Pattaya, Manhattans Restaurant & Bar has built up a reputation for probably the best quality steaks in town.  A reputation justly deserved!   Now under new management, with English entrepreneur, Alan Beilby taking the helm, this top class gourmet restaurant has reached further heights. ‘Down to Earth’ Yorkshire born, Alan has rid the place of the pomposity that the old regime seemed to have fashioned for a steakhouse, and produced a totally relaxed welcoming atmosphere to balance against the exclusive décor of this truly stylish and immaculate venue.

Furthermore, Alan has obtained that elusive ‘trump card’ by engaging the expertise of Dutch Executive Chef, Dessi De Vries, to take charge of creating an exciting new menu.   A newcomer to Pattaya, Dessi has a wealth of experience in the world of cuisine, working in international Michelin two star restaurants and at the Dutch Royal Palace. His splendid menu has expanded the number of dishes, to move Manhattans away from being simply a quality steakhouse.

The ‘signature’ steaks are still available, probably better than before; but now, Dessi has put his own exclusive stamp of creativity by adding outstanding recipes that will assure discerning food connoisseurs.   Exciting Appetizers, with dishes ranging from 225 baht for Goat Cheese and Spinach Tart to Phuket Lobster and Avocado Tartlet at 625 baht!   More Main Courses from 425 baht for fillet Grouper Fish with Bell Peppers to 950 baht for Australian Lamb Chops and Sweet Potato. Plus a special Vegetarian menu at 450 baht!

Something to note: Every first Saturday of each month, Manhattans presents the Manhattan Trio playing soul, jazz and R&B from the 60s, 70s and 80s.  Soon to be expanded to every Saturday night!

So, for that perfect extra-special dining experience, Manhattans remains one of Pattaya’s top restaurants.

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