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“Hearing The Sunshine,” a Series of Webisode From “The Most Amazing Show On Earth” Campaign

June 21, 2011

TAT premieres “Hearing The Sunshine by Amazing Thailand,” a 7-part short film broadcasted online for worldwide viewing as part of its Most Amazing Show On Earth campaign.

Following the launch of the Most Amazing Show On Earth campaign which called for previous visitors to Thailand to submit their “most amazing moments in Thailand,” Tourism Authority of Thailand now introduces Hearing The Sunshine By Amazing Thailand, a film about journeying through Thailand based on the collective experiences of real travelers.

Hearing The Sunshine By Amazing Thailand centers around two travelers, a sound artist and a photographer, each of whom have their own unique ways of interacting with and interpreting the world around them. The film follows each of them on their separate journeys through Thailand to their intersections, which allow them to share amazing moments together as their relationship develops.

The film notably departs from past communication aimed at an international market and offers a new way to discover the myriad experiences Thailand can offer in a more emotional and personal way. It is set to premiere on June 8 at and will be divided into 7 episodes, so viewers from all over the world can tune in for the experience.

In addition to watching the film, viewers will also have an opportunity to interact further with the film by tagging gifts related to each episode at the end of each episode in order to enter a sweepstake for the gift, win it, and have it mailed to the viewer’s mailing address.

Viewers worldwide can watch Hearing The Sunshine and experience a beautiful story amidst amazing moments in Thailand from June 8, 2011 onwards at or

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