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Elements of Thainess Found in Thai Spas

September 5, 2011

In recent years, Thailand has emerged as the region’s most active spa destination, breaking a new frontier as the hub of all things holistic.

With new spa treatments migrating to Asia’s spa capital from regions near and far, Thailand has come to be known as Spa Capital of Asia – a one-stop destination for any type of international spa treatment you can imagine, ranging from traditional folk techniques to cutting-edge technology.
Nevertheless, spa aficionados and holistic wellness seekers who travel to Thailand are equally keen to experience the home-grown, native Thai spa therapies and treatments unique to Thailand that they would not find so easily elsewhere.

Thai spas are considered the finest in the world. The mere mention of a Thai-style spa leaves international spa visitors intrigued. What makes a spa uniquely Thai?

Regardless of the presentation or packaging, it’s the authenticity of traditional Thai treatments such as Thai massage, Thai herbal steam, Thai herbal compress and indigenous herbal ingredients that constitute the real Thainess in the Thai spa experience. What many visitors may not realise is that the core of the Thai spa identity, and consequently the feel-good factor of Thai-style spa treatments, comes from their origins as ancient Siamese health and beauty therapies in healing traditions that have been practised by local people for centuries..

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