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Phuket: Still Going Strong despite Severe Weather Conditions in Other Areas of Thailand

November 8, 2011

The current flood situation in Bangkok has not affected Phuket. In fact, the tourism industry in Phuket is performing better than last year, according to Mr Bhuritt Maswongsa, Vice President of Marketing for Phuket Tourist Association (PTA). Resorts and hotels in Phuket have also reported strong bookings in November and December. The hotel occupancy rates in November and December 2011 are 75% and 90% respectively. 

Phuket is still doing well because most tourists visiting the island are from abroad and there are currently more than 40 direct flights from overseas to Phuket. Upcoming events and seminars in Bangkok may be relocated to other places including Phuket and this could have contributed to the surge in bookings.

While the floods remain a problem around Bangkok some 800 km away, Phuket has experienced no flooding at all, in fact as of early November the weather in Phuket has been perfect with only a tiny spattering of rain in the last few weeks. Even in Bangkok the floods are not actually affecting the centre and so far Bangkok International airport has not closed because of any adverse weather conditions.

From November through to April is also the most popular time to visit Phuket for many travelers, especially those coming from the cold and wet European countries at this time of the year. Phuket, and Thailand in general experiences very little rainfall during these months and temperatures rarely fall below a tropical 32 degrees Celsius.

The main diving season in Phuket is also between November and May as the sea conditions are perfect and the Andaman Sea offers dive sites thought to be in the top 10 in the world, helping to attract more visitors to the Island. Dives can be arranged with various dive shops from many of the beaches in Phuket and many people take advantage of day trips or overnight dive trips to the beautiful Similan Islands, Surin Islands, Richelieu Rock, Hin Daeng and Phi Phi Islands.

To continue to attract more visitors to the island, PTA plans to work with the Phuket Provincial Administration Organization to organize events and reach new markets including Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden.

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