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The Gulf of Thailand will soon have a new Marina – Siam Royal View Marina

July 12, 2012

Last month, the marina basin was flooded in preparation for the final stages of construction. The building phase is currently ahead of schedule and moorings will be available to boat owners as early as September this year with a full opening scheduled for November/December.

Siam Royal View’s marina will be able to accommodate up to 75 boats ranging in size from 8 to 30 metres. The marina basin is built to a worry-free depth of LLW -3.50 metres from wall to wall. Every berth offers boat owners all the facilities they require including fresh water and electrical points for every yacht, allowing owners to live aboard if they so choose – something of a rarity in Thailand’s marinas.

For smaller craft, there are modern dry berth storage facilities for up to 150 boats and personal watercraft.

The marina is situated in a perfect location on the Klong Son River, with easy access to the mainland. Protected from the sea by a natural bend in the river, the site is just minutes from the ocean and some of Thailand’s best sailing locations. Within easy reach are the 52 islands of the Mu Ko Chang National Park, giving plenty of opportunity for recreational sailing and exploration. The marina is part of Siam Royal View’s landmark Koh Chang property development and boat owners will be able to make use of the exceptional facilities there including the great beaches, golf course, swimming pools, water sports centre, Beach Club and the soon-to-be-completed marina pub.

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