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Phuket’s not-so-secret beach bash

August 28, 2012

Three top Phuket DJs will headline the first ever FistPump Secret Beach Bash party on Saturday night (September 1), to be held at the Secret Cove at Ao Yon, Cape Panwa.

DJ Mikito, DJ Kensho and DJ D[r]eadmongey will perform at the event, which organiser Daz Smith says will hopefully fill a gap in Phuket’s entertainment industry.

Daz, originally from Yorkshire in England, says the idea stemmed from wanting great parties with great music to attend himself.

A bar owner for eight years in the UK, Daz has worked in hospitality since 2000, and has been in Phuket for the last two years.

“The Secret Cove is a real gem of a place, and this is something that people aren’t doing in Phuket.”

“It will be nice and relaxed early on, and hopefully the night will build later.

“The most important element is to have fun.”

The event begins at 5pm with a barbecue, followed by the DJs starting once it gets dark. In addition to the DJs, there will be fitness dancers from Zumba Phuket, and “hot chilli” girls.

“FistPump is set to become a club brand that will be synonymous for fabulous parties known for being flirty,sexy, fun and of course for fistpumping to the best beats around,” says Daz.

He adds that it was important to keep the drink prices reasonable, with beers priced around B80 and spirit mixes and wine B150.

“We don’t want to rip people off. I don’t want to go to a party where everything is overpriced. If the beers are B200 plus, I’m going to think twice about going.”

The name Fistpump is “tongue and cheek” says Daz, but originates from the “fist pumping” action of punching your fist in the air in time to the music, his own signature dance move.

There’s also no need to feel guilty while downing a few drinks, as a minimum of 5 per cent of all bar and ticket sales go to the Phuket Sunshine Village Foundation.

Prepare to put your hands up in the air.

For tickets, contact Daz at or call 082 285 0035 (English), or 089 2226 197 (Thai). Advance tickets are B400 including two free drinks, B500 on the door.

DJ Mikito

DJ Mikito, also known as Briton Mike Edwards, is now based in Phuket. He is the owner of the infamous Casa Sol in Ibiza, Spain, where legendary after parties for clubs such as Amnesia, Space, Cocoon, Dirty Diamond, Luv Dup and Pacha have taken place throughout the years.

His deejaying talent took him through the ranks of all the prestigious clubs over his 12 years in Ibiza, while producing music and playing with the likes of Sasha, Deep Dish, Judge Jules, Carl Cox, Jeremy Healy, Bushwacker and Eddie Halliwell.

He has has to date produced and remixed a total of 35 records, and his style varies between house, trance, breakbeat and techno. Collaborating with Smithmonger, he had great success with Me Be She Be, which reached number 3 in the UK dance charts and was in the top 10 for 16 weeks.

DJ D[r]eadmongey

D[r]eadmongey, also known as Jichet “Mong” Lorprasertchai, was raised in Phuket.

His passion for house music began when he was working in a music shop in Bangkok, and be became a DJ in mid-2004. Two years later, he decided to move back to his hometown Phuket and worked for record and DJ store Real Sound Thailand.

Ever since, he has had opportunities to meet friends and share his musical experiences, which has seen him DJ for some of the island’s top clubs.

In 2006 he joined with DJ Eddy [skt] and they called themselves the Sarkastik Boys. Later, at the start of 2007, he joined up with three friends (DJ Taz, DJ Q and DJ Jin) to form the Phuket House Mafia. They have been building the name ever since.

Mong’s energetic personality is reflected in his music: electrotek and phuture funk.

DJ Kensho

Originally from London, UK, Kensho aka DJK is a DJ, producer, artist and record fanatic in high demand for his production, visual shows and DJ skills.

Along with being an extremely versatile DJ, he is known for his diverse musical background and original style of rocking dance floors.

Over the course of a night the music can include hip hop, funk and soul, nu jazz, dub-step, Latin, ska, disco, retro grooves, house, electronica, break beats and lots more depending on the venue, crowd and vibe.

With 18 years deejaying experience behind him, he has performed alongside DJ Cut Killer, Kid Massive, Barry Ashworth (Dub Pistols ), DJ Zink, DJ Octo, DJ Diamond and many more.

After a promising DJ and production career start up, he left London and established himself in Asia, settling in sunny Phuket in 2006.

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