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Russia tops tourism revenue chart

October 19, 2012

Ministry of Tourism and Sports reported the country earned Bt263 billion in tourism reciepts during January to March this year.

In the single country market category, Russia was the top revenue contributor, while Hong Kong was the top spender per capita.

The government has set a target of Bt2 trillion in tourism revenue by 2015 breaking down into Bt1.45 trillion from international tourists and Bt5.5 billion from domestic tourists. Projected international arrivals are 26.16 million and domestic 114.3 million trips.

According to the target, the growth revenue from international tourists should grow from Bt780 billion to Bt1.45 trillion or an average of 16.8% per year. Daily spending per person should grow from Bt4,187 in 2011 to Bt5,310 in 2015.

Based on the official figures, the first quarter of this year indicates a good start on a long journey to reach the 2015 target. Tourism reciepts increased 17.85% to Bt263,170 million, while average spending per capita also grew by 4.06% to Bt4,224.6 per day. Average length of stay was 10.85 days, up 0.64%.

By region, Europe posted the highest tourism revenue during Q1, Bt118.09 billion, increasing 17.42%. The high revenue was the result of the long length of stay averaged at 16.68 day.  Thailand attracted, 1,876,244 European  tourists during the three-month period representing a 32.68% market share. Its daily spending per capita was  Bt3,773.28.

The second top revenue generator was East Asia which includes ASEAN, at  Bt91.81 billion generated from 2,893,805 tourists, or a 50% market share. Average spending per person per day was Bt4,672.29, up 4.71% with average length of stay of 6.79 days.

ASEAN with 1,487,582 tourists generated Bt38.2 billion, while tourists from other East Asian countries, 1,406,223, generated Bt53.61 billion.

In the Americas, 284,197 tourists contributed Bt19.51 billion (+22.76%) with Bt4,655 average daily spending per person and a  length of stay of 14.75 days.

Tourism revenue from Oceania grew, +25.82% to Bt14.51 billion. Average daily spending per person on 231,137 tourists during Q1 was Bt4,634, +5.9% and they stayed on average 13.55 days.

Tourists from South Asia were the top spenders with the highest daily spending per person, Bt4,936.28, up 5.8%. Overall, 265,215 tourists from the region contributed 9.18 billion to Thai tourism (+10.92%).

Middle East tourists (152,957) spent Bt7.84 billion, up 14.34%. Daily spending averaged at Bt4,586.

Tourism receipts from Africa showed the highest growth rate of 35.41% earning Bt2.24 billion from 37,899 tourists. Average daily spending was Bt4,910.41 per person and an average stay of 12.01 days.

By country, the top three contributors were Russia (Bt27.75 billion, +32.29%); China (Bt23.65 billion, +43.82%) and United Kingdom (Bt14.87, +13.47%).

Top three for spending per capita were: Hong Kong (Bt5,599,+4.88%); Saudi Arabia (Bt5,364.49, +4.69) and South Africa (Bt5,193, +3.95%).

Top three for the length of stay were all in Europe: Sweden (20.51 days); United Kingdom (18.58 days) and Germany (18.14 days).

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