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Phuket sees 5.62 percent increase in tourist numbers

November 9, 2012

Phuket sees 5.62 percent increase in tourist numbers, Head of Phuket Office of Commercial Affairs – Mr.Prakong Rakwong recently announced a significant increase in tourist numbers, he said “Phuket’s commercial economy in the nine months of 2012 increased considerably from the supply side of tourism services, the major economic sectors of the province, as well as increased demand for investment with a number of new companies registering and an increase in private consumption growth.”

The number of tourists who passed through immigration in that period totaled 1,945,887 people. Compared to the same period last year that is an increase as of 5.62 per cent. The total number was composed of 1,799,216 (down 2.02 percent) passing through the airport, and 146,671 by boat (up 4.45 percent).

Surprisingly, there were only two applications to register new hotels as of October 1 2012, a decrease of 91.30 percent over the same period of previous year.

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