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Land of Smiles: five reasons to book a luxury resort in Thailand

November 12, 2012


Thailand is a truly unique destination which offers the chance to embark on a journey which promises to attack all the senses: sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch.

It’s never easy to make a big decision such as booking your next holiday, but we know that anyone reserving a hotel in Thailand will not be disappointed.

But for those pontificating, we hope to make that decision even easier. We have put together our five top reasons for taking a well-earned break in the Land of Smiles:

  1. SIGHT: Thailand is a scenically beautiful country with a rich and colourful history which has adorned the landscape with magnificent palaces and temples. Let’s not forget the idyllic coast, where crystal clear water laps at virgin white beaches and isolated islands beckon.
  2. HEARING: The Land of Smiles isn’t known by this charming term of endearment for  nothing; those choosing a luxury resort in Thailand will be blown away by this friendly population whose laughter and chatter will sing through any hotel. That’s not to mention the delightful sounds of the tropical birds which fly overhead.
  3. TASTE: Thai food is a delicious melange of spices, fresh seafood and vegetables which promise to be a veritable assault on the taste buds. All our hotels in Thailand offer both local and international menus.
  4. SMELL: Close your eyes and try to smell the delicious scents that hit you when you arrive at a luxury resort in Thailand; first of all the smell of the freshly laundered sheets, then the delicious spicy smells seeping from the kitchen, and finally the sweet smell of pineapples and fresh exotic fruit as you are served your first cocktail by the pool.
  5. TOUCH: Whether it’s the masseuse on the beach giving you an unforgettable Thai massage or the gentle waves in the Gulf of Thailand sensuously lapping at your feet, Thailand promises to be an attack on your tactile sense.
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