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A Look at Thailand’s Wonderful Weather

March 14, 2013

Thailand is renowned for its beautiful beaches, friendly faces and of course its clement weather which all contributes to making the country an attractive option for those looking for fractional ownership properties.


Although a relatively new concept in Asia, investing in a second home in Thailand through a fractional ownership scheme is becoming more and more popular amongst those looking for a slice of paradise in the sun.

And in Thailand, we can guarantee the sun. Much of the country experiences a typically tropical climate consisting of two seasons; wet and dry, the latter obviously being the more appealing when you are looking to book flights to visit your second home in Thailand.

The exception to that rule is in the southern regions of Thailand, where you can expect to experience a typically monsoon climate where temperatures remain at around 30C throughout the year.

Without doubt the best time to visit the majority of Thailand is between November and February, when there is minimum rainfall and warm temperatures of around 30C the length and breadth of the country.

To tour around the north of the country, the months of March, April and May are also a great time to visit, as June and July can be, although this is the start of the rainy season. However, it is advisable not to venture into central Thailand during these months as temperatures can reach as high as 40C.

During this time of year why not venture to the islands of southern Thailand, where many of our fractional ownership schemes are located. As this region is closer to the Equator temperatures are more even year-round and the beaches offer the perfect respite from scorching temperatures elsewhere in the country.

This period between June and October is often called the rainy season, but Thailand certainly should not be considered a no-go area at this time of year. On the contrary, there are definitely bonuses to visiting your second home in Thailand during the rainy season: temperatures tend to be cooler, there are fewer tourists and the gardens of your fractional ownership villa will be lush and green.

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