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Thailand’s visits soar

March 18, 2013

Thailand’s Ministry of Tourism and Sports reported, late last week, travel arrivals to Thailand soared 18.81%, January to February, which raised the performance over the first two months to more than 4.5 million visits.


For the first two months of the year, the country welcomed 4,569,481 visits over 3,845,894 visits during the same period in 2012.

In February alone, 2,328,297 international tourists visited Thailand up 25.60% from 1,853,736 visits over the same month last year.

All regions except Africa and the Middle East reported gains. The major contributor East Asia, which includes ASEAN, improved 43.45% to 1,272,087 visits from 886,755 visits. All identified source markets posted growth except Indonesia (-8.42%), Laos (-22.02%), and the Philippines (-3.28%).

China’s growth was described as an incredible; +162.75% supplying 158,742 visits up from 417,099 in the previous year. Association of Thai Travel Agents’ figures for the China market, handled by its member companies, was in line with the ministry’s growth rate, with agents improving their traffic by 111.70% (130,937).

Hong Kong grew 106.74% to 46,820, while Brunei posted a growth of 59.46%. Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, and Japan recorded an improve performance at 49.41%, 28.28%, 26.16% and 17.07% respectively.

Europe posted a growth of 10.87% but due to the financial crisis some markets reported declines: Denmark (-3.03%), France (-6.36%), Ireland (-7.15%), Italy (-2.16%), Norway (-0.26%), Spain (-3.40%), and the United Kingdom (-0.01%).

Key markets that grew were: Austria (+5.54%); Belgium (+7.45%); Finland (+4.46%), Germany (+13.46%), Netherlands (+0.21%), Russia (31.93%), Sweden (+13.37%); and Switzerland (+3.20%).

Arrivals from Americas, South Asia, and Oceania were all robust up 11.92%, 4.79% and 10.01% correspondingly while the Middle East down 3.65% and Africa 22.88%.

In addition, the ministry reported international tourists to Thailand at the gateway Suvarnabhumi Airport increased 27.47% to 1,512, 837 visits in February compared to 1,186,837 visits during the same month last year.

Top 10 source markets in February 2013

Top 10 source markets in January to February 2013

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