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Visit Chiang Mai on Your Luxury Holiday in Thailand

June 25, 2013

At Absolute Resorts & Hotels we endeavour to provide our customers with the very best in luxury holidays in Thailand through our selected portfolio of new and exciting beach and spa resorts.


Our luxury resorts in Thailand are based on the islands of Phuket and KohSamui, with a further two destinations located on the mainland in Pattaya.

And while we have no presence in the north of the country, we fully recommend that any luxury holiday in Thailand should include a visit to Chiang Mai, the country’s second city which is also known fondly as the ‘Rose of the North’.

This colourful and mystical city, approximately 1,500 km from Phuket but just one and a half hours by plane, makes a refreshing change from the coast and a visit here will only enhance and enrich your Thai experience.

Nestled in the foothills of northern Thailand, Chiang Mai is a tapestry of scared temples, with more than 200 of them being crammed into the city which was originally founded in 1296.

Wander around the laid-back city, inhabited by just 200,000 compared with Bangkok’s nine million, trace the contours of the historic moat and marvel at this ancient Thai city, which serves as a gateway to the mountainous north.

From the city of Chiang Mai it is possible to visit other more isolated villages located in the Chiang Mai province.  The area was originally populated by many different hill tribe people, many of whom still live there today.

There are a number of organisedtreks through the mountain regions which call in at certain hill tribe villages, with some even offering accommodation in the communities. These treks, as well as elephant tours, enable tourists to experience first-hand the incredibly beautiful countryside which is quite unlike that seen in the south of the country.

For more information on visiting Chiang Mai from any one of our luxury resorts in Thailand, please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our team.

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