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Thai tourism flies high

July 16, 2013

International tourist arrivals to Thailand posted a growth of 20.01% during January to June this year, according to Ministry of Tourism and Sports’ data.

Released late last week, statistics showed 12,744,374 visits to the country during the first six months of the year, up from 10,619,343 visits during the same period last year. See chart for breakdown of top source markets.

June performance

In June alone, there were 2,056,241 visits increasing 25.02% from 1,644,733 visits during the same month last year.

The breakdown by regions showed all regions made gains with the exception of Oceania and the Middle East.

East Asia continues to be the top supplier, (ASEAN included), with a growth of 20.07% up from 994,096 to 1,358,232 visits. All identified source markets in the region posted growth except for Cambodia (-17.74%).

China delivered a massive growth of 106.31% from 180,481 to 372,356 visits. The next growth market in the top five were: Indonesia (+54.51%); Taiwan (+43.80%); Myanmar (+40.97%); and Hong Kong (+36.61%).

Europe posted a growth of 20.07% with only Finland registering a slight decrease of 0.80%. The top five markets were: Russia (+58.27%); East Europe (+29.51%); Belgium (+26.56%); Sweden (+18.14%); and Switzerland (+17.84%).

South Asia recorded an increase of 9.18% from 123,833 to 135,197 visits. India led the field supplying 108,580 visits growing 10.74% from 98,052 followed by Pakistan (9,431; +9.74%), Bangladesh (6,590; -6.35%), Sri Lanka (5,271; -4.96%), and Nepal (2,113; +8.86%).

The Americas recorded a growth of 6.73% from 78,214 to 83,477 visits. All the four main markets posted an improvement: Argentina (+25.77%); Brazil (+19.64%); Canada (+7.43%); and the United States (+5.62%).

Meanwhile, Africa increased 4.70% from 13,455 to 14,088 visits.

Oceania and the Middle East reported a decline of 18.51% and 9.61% respectively. The latter market is important for medical tourism and a decline will worry hospitals that are investing considerable resources to build business in the Middle East.

In addition, the tourism ministry reported international tourists to Thailand at the country’s gateway Suvarnabhumi Airport reached 1,381,090 visits in June increasing 27.35% from 1,084,498 visits during the same month last year.

Top 10 source markets June 2013

 Top 10 source markets January to June 2013

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