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Tourism Authority of Thailand showcases Thai Food to the world through ten cool infographics

September 3, 2013

The Amazing Thai Food project will undoubtedly be one of the TAT’s most popular, useful, and practical campaigns, one which is sure to have many grateful, appreciative, and satisfied fans.


The TAT has prepared a state-of-the-art series of infographics to show the world the variety, abundance, and different types of Thai food available throughout the Kingdom.

Thais instinctively know where to go to get the type of food they want; they also know what kinds of food are available at different venues, be it food courts, floating markets, or street stalls. Foreigners have been pretty much left to their own devices, ordering what they see in a catch-as-catch-can or hit-and-miss manner.

The options are indeed staggering for newcomers to Thailand, and it can take years even for foreigners living in Thailand to master the Thai food scene in all its incarnations and manifestations. Most tourists must depend on limited Thai-English menus, which unfortunately only show a small part of the picture.

Now, through these infographics, tourists can not only learn about all the different types of food at different places, but also gain important knowledge about the health aspects of Thai food, the different regional cuisines, and the critical art of dining etiquette that is unique to Thailand.

In addition to old hands and periodic visitors to the Kingdom, newcomers to Thailand will benefit greatly from this introduction to Thai foods in general, the most popular dishes, where to find them, how to enjoy them, and how to eat in the local manner without drawing attention to yourself or making any accidental cultural missteps.

Specifically, the ten infographics cover the following subjects:
1. Tom Yam Koong (Hot & Spicy Shrimp Soup)
2. Top 10 street foods
3. Thai foods at a floating market
4. Thai foods from the 4 regions of Thailand
5. Most popular Thai dishes
6. Most popular Thai noodle dishes
7. Thai fruits
8. Thai Dining Do’s & Don’ts
9. Thai herbal drinks
10. Thai desserts

Thais are blessed with one of the best cuisines in the world, and they certainly appreciate and take advantage of this blessing wherever they go. Now, armed with these infographics, a new world of culinary delight is opened up to visitors.

Henceforth, they will know: what type of foods are available on the street; what is that Thai noodle dish they love called, and where can they find it; how many different herbal drinks are available for sampling; where can they find that amazing Thai dessert again; and what foods can they expect to find as they travel to the four corners of the Kingdom?

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