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Absolute’s Winning Corporate Social Responsibility

September 27, 2013

When you book an Absolute timeshare, it’s important to realize that we do our upmost to ensure that our luxury holidays not only benefit you the guest, but also the people who work in our resorts and in the wider host community.


Through our Corporate Social Responsibility scheme we have set in motion a number of programmes at our destinations clubs which are based around three core values: Holiday Smarter, Holiday Fitter; Community and Absolute Eco-Friendlier.

Holiday Smarter, Holiday Fitter promotes the development of healthier holidays for those enjoying our Absolute timeshares whilst Community aims to help the local community. Meanwhile Absolute E-Friendlier, ensures that our destination clubs are as green as possible.

Bryan Lunt, CEO of Absolute World Group said: “CSR is something that has been a part of Absolute World Group since our beginning.”

“We are aware of our social responsibility as a business and over the last 15 years have developed and implemented a number of CSR programmes within the local and wider community. Developing on our past initiatives, we felt it important to create a more strategic approach to our CSR programmes and new initiatives, and have created three core values under which all our CSR activities are grouped, implemented and evaluated.”

Mr Lunt added that the company planned to take its CSR activities to the next level with the hiring of a dedicated CSR coordinator to develop and implement new initiatives whilst improving current programmes.

Initiatives which have already proved to be a great success include Staff Boot Camps, which see our destination club staff being put through their paces to keep fit, and the launch of a series of exercise videos which are available in hotel rooms for our guests and members.

Meanwhile, plans are afoot to develop a Holiday Smarter, Holiday Fitter blog site as well as donate sports equipment to local schools. 

Finally, to fulfill our eco-friendly promises we have continued to expand and integrate green operational strategies in our resorts, reducing energy consumption and waste. Nowhere is this more evident than in the award-winning The Beach Samui, set to open this winter, where environmentally-friendly technologies have been incorporated throughout.

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