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Central Festival Phuket launches free wi-fi

November 11, 2013

Visitors to the Central Festival Phuket mall can now go online while they shop with a free wi-fi service made available throughout the mall.


The free wireless internet service was launched on Saturday (November 9), allowing shoppers access to the web through smart phones, laptops and tablets with wi-fi capabilities.

Vice President Property Management & General Manager Wilaiporn Pitimanaaree explained, “We have made wi-fi service available to all customers but tourists especially will benefit from the added convenience of being able to go online hassle-free.

“Most local shoppers can use their local 3G mobile network provider [to get access to the Internet] but Central Festival Phuket welcomes an average of 7,000 tourists each day, many of whom will not be able to access local mobile networks.

“They will benefit from the convenience of being able to go online without first having to sign up with a network provider,” she said.

The wi-fi service is currently available for a trial period on the first and second floors of the mall, excluding Central Department Store, but will be extended to cover all four floors of the mall by December.

After a simple sign-up procedure, visitors can access the free wi-fi for up to three hours a day.

Ms Wilaiporn said the time limit was sufficient to cover the average amount of time shoppers spend at the mall, and would ensure there was always plenty of bandwidth available for all the customers using the service at any given time.

Customers can begin using the service, provided by AIS, after signing up at the Information Counter on the first floor of the mall. After the first hour, users are required to sign in again for the remaining two hours.

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