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Phuket Airport Terminal X to open Feb 5th

January 16, 2014

Phuket Governor – Maitree Intusut recently held a press conference to give an update regarding the expansion of Phuket international Airport.



At the conference Khun Maitree said “Phuket International Airport is currently serving 56 airlines from 55 cities in 26 countries. This year the airport has seen an average of 192 arrivals and departures per day, an increase of 25.30% on last year.

“We need to ensure that the expansion of Phuket International Airport is speeded up to ensure we are able to accommodate the increasing number of flights and passengers, which are likely to continue to increase.

“With regards to progress in the construction of the new ‘Terminal X’ building, which is being constructed using a budget of over 100 million baht, the main construction has now been completed successfully, and contractors are now working on the small details such as cleaning the outside of the building. We are hoping that everything will be complete by February 1st, and that it can start being used on February 5th.

“We expected that the new terminal will be able to accommodate 5 million oversees visitors a year, or more than 4 thousand people per operational hour.”

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