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2013 visitor arrivals to Thailand topped 26.7m

January 27, 2014

Thailand welcomed a total of 26,735,583 visitor arrivals in 2013, exceeding the year’s original target of 26.1 million and representing a 19.6 per cent increase over the 22,353,903 international tourists in 2012.


Thawatchai Arunyik, Governor of the Tourism Association of Thailand (TAT) said, “This achievement brings much joy to Thailand and the country’s travel and tourism industry as a whole.

“These statistics are invaluable as evidence that despite the challenging factors including the ongoing political demonstrations in Bangkok, Thailand remains a popular and welcoming tourist destination.”

The TAT Governor attributed the growth to concerted efforts by the entire Thai travel and tourism industry. “We are working hand-in-hand to create a memorable travel experience for tourists. During tough times, such as the current ongoing anti-government demonstrations, we are also working hand in hand in ensuring utmost convenience to tourists, the friends of Thailand.”

According to data from the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, in 2013, six countries contributed more than one million visitor arrivals. China topped the chart at 4.7 million arrivals (a 68.83 per cent jump), followed by Malaysia at 2.99 million tourists (up 17.29 per cent), Russia at 1.73 million arrivals (a 31.93 per cent growth), Japan at 1.53 million tourists (an 11.96 per cent increase), South Korea at 1.29 million arrivals (up 11.48 per cent), Laos at 1.1 million (up 13.33 per cent) and India at 1.04 million visitors (a 3.61 increase).

By region, East Asia remains the largest contributor at 16.09 million arrivals (up 28.47 per cent), representing a 60.18 per cent share of the overall visitor markets to Thailand. Europe is the second largest market by region at 6.3 million visitors (an 11.62 per cent increase), followed by South Asia at 1.34 million arrivals (a 4.63 per cent growth) and the Americas at 1.17 million tourists (up 8.05 per cent).

In 2014, TAT expects to welcome 28.01 million international tourist arrivals through various tourism promotional activities under the Amazing Thailand: It Begins with the People campaign.


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