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Phuket’s Big Beach Cleanup

July 15, 2014

Phuket is a little like the ‘Teddy Bears’ Picnic’ song as, ‘if you go down to the beaches (not, as in the song, the woods) you’re in for a big surprise’. Only weeks ago almost every west coast beach on the island was a veritable forest of sun loungers, illegal vendors, makeshift restaurants, flimsy ad-hoc shacks, beach clubs and shops, and many other eyesores.


It’s all changed and now the beaches have reverted back to Nature with a little help from the army, of course. The difference is staggering and for long timers on the island and frequent visitors to Phuket’s resorts the present day beach vistas look eerily like they did some 20 years ago.

The first beach to be cleaned up was Surin Beach, with its legions of vendors jealously guarding their places on the municipal car park and beach bar after beach bar on the sands. Anyone who had the misfortune to cross these car park vendors would very quickly discover just how nasty they could be.

Nowadays the beach is absolutely free from the mess and confusion it was known for. Ten years ago when the 2004 tsunami ‘cleaned’ the beaches of heavy wooden sun beds and bamboo shacks local authorities were told in no uncertain terms by Phuketians that this was an ideal opportunity to rethink the whole beach question, and no one could deny that the whole west coast was impeccably clean. But ‘development’ reared its ugly head once more and the result was a confusion of illegal constructions that in no way complemented most beaches.

That’s why nowadays it’s a wonderful feeling to go from beach to beach and appreciate just how beautiful they are once more. When stripped of the clutter that they’ve been lumbered with for the last ten to fifteen years it all adds another very positive aspect to this naturally beautiful island.

So if you’re planning a Phuket beach holiday make sure you come prepared with a mat or even a folding lightweight beach chair along with a parasol for those long lazy days at the beach. Each of the three Absolute Resorts in Phuket – Absolute Twin Sands Resort & Spa, Absolute Sea Pearl, and Absolute Bangla Suites, are within a stroll of the beach while Absolute Sea Pearl lives up to its name as it is literally over the road to Patong Beach. Enjoy your newly revamped beach holiday in Phuket!

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