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Passengers at Thai airports decline

July 22, 2014

Airports of Thailand reports that its June data showed overall passengers passing through Suvarnabhumi airport declined 24.56%. The country main gateway welcomed 2,941,126 passengers in June, compared to 3,898,843 during the same month last year.


For the first six months of this year, all six airports under AoT management handled 43.23 million passengers. Three airports set the pace: Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi airport 22.57 million passengers; Don Mueang 9.60 million; and Phuket 5.82 million. Chiang Mai Airport handled 3.09 million passengers.

AoT reported a decline in aircraft movements of 0.32% in June. Flights decreased from 45,333 to 45,189. The entire system handled 5,838,276 passengers decreasing 10.71% from 6,538,892 during the same month last year.

Suvarnabhumi Airport registered a decline of 14.26% in international aircraft movements from 18,725 to 16,055, while domestic movements increased 10.48% from 4,744 to 5,241 movements.

International passenger traffic dropped 26.65% from 3,281,672 to 2,406,987, while domestic passengers decreased 13.45% from 617,171 to 534,139.

The second aviation gateway, Don Mueang Airport, recorded a 1.26% decline in international aircraft movement from 3,336 to 3,294. Domestic movement posted 12.33% increase from 7,780 to 8,739.

International passenger traffic dropped 10.76% from 428,068 to 381,988, while domestic passengers increased 33.52% from 794,411 to 1,060,661.

The northern gateway, Chiang Mai International Airport, continues to show growth. In June, both international and domestic aircraft movements registered double-digit increases of 67.83% (544 to 913) and 2.60% (2,655 to 2,724).

International passenger trafic grew 51.65% from 55,925 to 84,809, while domestic traffic gained 11.42% from 309,591 to 344,953.

The southern gateway, Phuket International Airport registered a decline of 1.94% in international aircraft movements from 2,943 to 2,886, while domestic aircraft movements slightly increased 0.04% from 2,673 to 2,674.

International passenger traffic decreased 12.11% from 440,473 to 387,140. Domestic  traffic declined 13.14% from 349,020 to 303,172.

Chiang Rai International Airport reported an increase in aircraft movements of 50.29% from 523 to 786 while passenger trafic grew 21.91% from 71,718 to 87,433.

Hat Yai International Airport reported an increase of 50.00% in international aircraft movements (120 to 180), while domestic movements grew 31.55% (1,290 to 1,697) in June. Meanwhile, overall passenger traffic registered a 29.42% growing from 190,843 to 246,994 passengers.

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