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Phuket beach vendors allowed back, with restrictions

December 22, 2014

During a meeting at Provincial Hall last Friday, Governor Nisit Jansomwong announced the drafting of an interim plan that brings back Phuket beach vendors for the next three months.


The plan, however, still prohibits beach chair vendors from operating their businesses.

“We all need to find the solution. Each and every body needs to follow the law, there must not be land seizure. The beaches must belong to the public where citizens can access.”

Under the plan, all Phuket beaches will have special designated areas (zones) that will cover about 10 per cent of the sand and vendors must display all fees that they will charge. Vendors who are registered with the local administrative organisation will be permitted to operate.

All vendors will be allowed to operate from 9:30am to 4:30pm.

“If there are people who don’t adhere to this principle, then they can not operate their business. You have to follow the rule,” he said.

One umbrella operator, one massage service, and one food/drink vendor will be allowed per special designated zone for up to three days straight. After that, each vendor must switch with another similar business.

Food vendors are also not allowed to cook on the beach while it will be up to local administrative organisations will be responsible for setting up the special zones.

For the next two weeks, Phuket Vice Governors will be speaking with local leaders and vendors to hammer out the minutiae of the plan, Gov Nisit added.

“We will provide the area where it doesn’t irritate and encroach the tourists and ‘local poor Phuket people’ can earn a living, and not have an ‘influential figure’ take all the business,” Gov Nisit said.

The plan is the result of talks between military officials, local government bodies and the beach vendors who were kicked off of the Phuket sands earlier this year.

“If those extremists who want to have everything back just like before, I can not accept that at all. Because what we are doing now is to, at least, help [beach vendors] to make money within a limited area,” Gov Nisit said.

“The beaches must be clean and tidy and get back to the list of world class beaches.”.
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